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ResourceShelf – a wealth of information

For those of you who don’t know Gary Price and his ResourceShelf web site - this is a recommendation to go there! It is a wealth of information for anyone into research, information sciences and technology. It’s updated several times a day, all through the year. This must be a daunting task since Gary is also a very requested speaker at conferences and events - when does he get the time to update this virtual gold mine?

p.s. a similar resource site, but with perhaps a bit more researcher focus, is FreePint.com. It also comes highly recommended.


Government Agencies spend top dollars on security-related information-analysis technologies

Federal Computer Week has a long story about how the US government challenges the software industry to develop applications that predicts terrorist actions. The emphasis is on pattern-recognition algorithms and the vendors that use them e.g. ClearForest, Inxight, Convera, Kofax and Autonomy just to mention a few.

Some interesting facts in the text is the deal sizes of some recent projects awarded by the US government - $5,2 million to Convera, $3 million to Inxight and $10 million to TranTech Inc. for a DOD contract. Clearly, there is serious money in this sector.


The other intelligent open source

Stephen Arnold writes a very good article about the use of “open source intelligence” or OSINT in Web Active Magazine. He mentiones that there are several problems in this field when it comes to the use of adequate technology. In the article he quotes the US based Open Source pioneer and founder of OSS (a network that now contains leading actors such as East View Cartographic and Infosphere) Robert Steele.

The emphasis in government has been to spend on very complex information technology for collection, then to spend almost nothing on information technology for processing,” explained Steele.

In our experience this analysis by both Robert Steele and Stephen Arnold are very true. In fact, the focus on gathering technologies are just adding to their problems with too much information. We would suggest that the Open Source intelligence believers also starts to focus their attention to modern(unstructured) information analysis tools.